Decree on the Electoral Law (Sept. 2020) signed and Published today

The President of the Workers’ State signed Governmental Decree 01/18082020 titled “ELECTORAL LAW FOR THE ELECTIONS OF SEPTEMBER 20th, 2020”.

According to the decree, the voters will choose 5 out of 10 candidates. The five with the most votes will be elected in the Republican Workers’ Committee (Legislative Period C’). Eight out of ten candidates are members of the Helasian Communist Workers’ Party, whilst the rest of them run as independent candidates. The candidates are:

  1. Estejan Dor (HCWP)
  2. Delaet Netejev (HCWP)
  3. Eljarkha Armaront (HCWP)
  4. Rosa West (HCWP)
  5. Maximillian Dernevet (HCWP)
  6. Johan Dejenov (HCWP)
  7. Kantov Frakerov (HCWP)
  8. Stefan Volgov (HCWP)
  9. Liza West (Independent)
  10. Ljanita Erustrova (Independent)

According to the same decree, the Republican Advisory Committee is established as an advisory organ.

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