The Post-Revolutionary Revolution explained

By Roza West, Workers’ Commissar of Internal Affairs

In his address to the Helasian Workers’ (as it was published in the Helasian newspaper Massive Front), Stefan Dor mentioned “the new year marks the beginning of the end of the pandemic, while it signals the beginning of a post-revolutionary revolution”. But, the true question is, what does this post-revolutionary revolution consist of?

The post-revolutionary revolution is the long term procedure of critical reforms within our state. In the economy sector, we shall work to abolish the corrupt elements of capitalism. Enemies of the socialist construction can be found everywhere in such a young state, and the enemies of the socialist construction are not only individuals with corrupt ideologies, but in specific behaviours as well. Behaviours that use money as a mean of enrichment, instead of a mean of trade. Behaviours that try to ruin the solidarity that exists within our society. And these behaviours have to end today!

Also, the post-revolutionary revolution will help to reform our state with huge legal, administrative, constitutional, economic reforms. Reforms that will help us secure the political and social status quo of our state.

Every single citizen shall rally behind the flag of the Helasian Communist Workers’ Party, and participate in this procedure. In the decision of the V Congress of the HCWP, one can read: the cause of the proletariat is one; to empower the Workers’ Power wherever possible. Now, comrades, the Post-Revolutionary Revolution calls us. Let us all respond with enthusiasm to this call by the HCWP, and achieve the reforms according to the plans that will be announced on the 5th of January.

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