The new Presidium of the Workers’ State

Earlier today, the new Presidium of the Workers’ State was inaugurated. Stefan Dor in his last speech as the President of the Workers’ State of Helasia mentioned: “The changes in the government does not mean changes in the policies of our state” and later on, he said to the members of the new presidium that “the responsibility of the new presidium is huge, as it has to guide Helasia through a new age of transformation”.

The new Presidium consists of:

  • Marjanna Kavika, President of the Workers’ State of Helasia
  • Nikol Poha, Workers’ Commissar of State Protection
  • Gjiorkei Frekov, Workers’ Commissar of Internal Affairs
  • Mikail Grekov, Workers’ Commissar of External Affairs

In her first speech to the Provisional Legislative Body, M. Kavika stated that her government will lead Helasia to the Elections of September 2021, and that in the meanwhile the new Presidium will correct mistakes of the past through reforms.

Stefan Dor will remain General Secretary of the HCWP at least until the VII Congress in late August 2021.

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