Stefan Dor resigns from the position of the General Secretary of the HCWP after disagreements

Earlier today, Stefan Dor issued the following statement:

In these last months, a clique within the Helasian Communist Workers’ Party has undermined multiple institutions of the Party and the Workers’ State. Today the Central Committee convened, in order to decide if we shall have an extraordinary Party Congress or not. Personally, I was in favor of that idea, as an extraordinary Congress would help solving this situation. Unfortunately, the majority of the CC voted against that proposal. After that, I announce that I don’t believe that the HCWP expresses the interests of the working class anymore, but instead it expresses the interests of a bureaucratic cancer within the Workers’ State of Helasia. Bearing that in mind, I resign from the position of the General Secretary of the HCWP, and I leave the Party as well.

The CC of the HCWP states in response:

We don’t agree with mr. Dor’s statement, but he has the right to make his own choices. Because of his departure from the Party, the CC cannot convene anymore. We announce the provisional abolishment of the CC and the creation of a Provisional Secretariat until the VII Congress. The Provisional Secretariat consists of: Kanton Frakerov, Maximilian Dernefet, Stefan Volgov

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