Stefan Dor resigns from the position of the General Secretary of the HCWP after disagreements

Earlier today, Stefan Dor issued the following statement:

In these last months, a clique within the Helasian Communist Workers’ Party has undermined multiple institutions of the Party and the Workers’ State. Today the Central Committee convened, in order to decide if we shall have an extraordinary Party Congress or not. Personally, I was in favor of that idea, as an extraordinary Congress would help solving this situation. Unfortunately, the majority of the CC voted against that proposal. After that, I announce that I don’t believe that the HCWP expresses the interests of the working class anymore, but instead it expresses the interests of a bureaucratic cancer within the Workers’ State of Helasia. Bearing that in mind, I resign from the position of the General Secretary of the HCWP, and I leave the Party as well.

The CC of the HCWP states in response:

We don’t agree with mr. Dor’s statement, but he has the right to make his own choices. Because of his departure from the Party, the CC cannot convene anymore. We announce the provisional abolishment of the CC and the creation of a Provisional Secretariat until the VII Congress. The Provisional Secretariat consists of: Kanton Frakerov, Maximilian Dernefet, Stefan Volgov

The new Presidium of the Workers’ State

Earlier today, the new Presidium of the Workers’ State was inaugurated. Stefan Dor in his last speech as the President of the Workers’ State of Helasia mentioned: “The changes in the government does not mean changes in the policies of our state” and later on, he said to the members of the new presidium that “the responsibility of the new presidium is huge, as it has to guide Helasia through a new age of transformation”.

The new Presidium consists of:

  • Marjanna Kavika, President of the Workers’ State of Helasia
  • Nikol Poha, Workers’ Commissar of State Protection
  • Gjiorkei Frekov, Workers’ Commissar of Internal Affairs
  • Mikail Grekov, Workers’ Commissar of External Affairs

In her first speech to the Provisional Legislative Body, M. Kavika stated that her government will lead Helasia to the Elections of September 2021, and that in the meanwhile the new Presidium will correct mistakes of the past through reforms.

Stefan Dor will remain General Secretary of the HCWP at least until the VII Congress in late August 2021.

“New Provisional Presidium” to be formed after the interim Constitution gets published.

Earlier today, the President of the Workers’ State announced that the Interim Constitution of the Workers’ State of Helasia will be published on April 25th, in accordance with the 2 Years Plan of Socialist Construction.

Meanwhile, as the President stated, there will be a) the establishment of the Provisional Legislative Body on the 26th of April, and b) a governmental reform on the 27th of April. According to mr. Dor: “The publication of the Interim Constitution marks a new era for the Helasian society. And a new era has to be marked with a modern government.” The governmental reform will take place in accordance with the interim Constitution. The Workers’ Commissariat of Internal Affairs stated that “the Provisional Legislative Body will have extended powers”.

Announcement on the recent developments in north America

The Workers’ Commissariat of External Affairs made the following statement on the recent developments in north America:

The Workers’ State of Helasia is highly concerned about the recent developments in the United States of America. The biggest problem is that the protesters defended a bourgeois leader, instead of defending their rights. The people shall not be trapped in this fake dilemma which say “Trump or Biden”, which means “Capitalist A or Capitalist B”.

The Post-Revolutionary Revolution explained

By Roza West, Workers’ Commissar of Internal Affairs

In his address to the Helasian Workers’ (as it was published in the Helasian newspaper Massive Front), Stefan Dor mentioned “the new year marks the beginning of the end of the pandemic, while it signals the beginning of a post-revolutionary revolution”. But, the true question is, what does this post-revolutionary revolution consist of?

The post-revolutionary revolution is the long term procedure of critical reforms within our state. In the economy sector, we shall work to abolish the corrupt elements of capitalism. Enemies of the socialist construction can be found everywhere in such a young state, and the enemies of the socialist construction are not only individuals with corrupt ideologies, but in specific behaviours as well. Behaviours that use money as a mean of enrichment, instead of a mean of trade. Behaviours that try to ruin the solidarity that exists within our society. And these behaviours have to end today!

Also, the post-revolutionary revolution will help to reform our state with huge legal, administrative, constitutional, economic reforms. Reforms that will help us secure the political and social status quo of our state.

Every single citizen shall rally behind the flag of the Helasian Communist Workers’ Party, and participate in this procedure. In the decision of the V Congress of the HCWP, one can read: the cause of the proletariat is one; to empower the Workers’ Power wherever possible. Now, comrades, the Post-Revolutionary Revolution calls us. Let us all respond with enthusiasm to this call by the HCWP, and achieve the reforms according to the plans that will be announced on the 5th of January.

The Presidium of the Workers’ State suspends the Constitution

Yesterday, December 1st 2020, through the Gov. Decree 02/01122020, the Presidium of the Workers’ State announced it suspends all the articles of the Constitution. Also, the Helasian Supreme Court is disbanded and the Helasian Codex of Legislative Procedure is abolished. More than that, the two Committees (Republican Workers’ Committee and the Republican Advisory Committee) are officially disbanded.

All the measures mentioned above derive from the recent developments and the national emergency declared on November the 30th.

The Presidium declares national emergency

Earlier today, the Presidium of the Workers’ State of Helasia announced through a governmental decree the activation of Articles 31 and 34 of the Constitution, declaring an Emergency Situation on the Workers’ State. This gives emergency authorities on the Presidium for 12 hours, beginning on 6.00 a.m. on December 1st, 2020. According to the Decree, articles 18, 28, 29, 30, 31 will be suspended for these 12 hours period, and the two Committees (Republican Workers’ Committee and Republican Advisory Committee) will not have any legislative authority. In the Decree it is mentioned that the reasons behind this decision are a) the developments on the recent report of the Workers’ Commissariat of State Protection and b) the most recent COVID-19 related developments, such as the inability of the legislative Committees to meet in order to make new decisions etc.


With a short announcement earlier this morning, the Workers’ Commissariat of State Protection claims that there are indications of a “conspiracy of members of Helasian political organizations” in order to overthrow socialism in our country. This was found in the most recent operation of the Commissariat, which was conducted within the last three weeks. The findings of this investigation will be discussed tomorrow in the Republican Workers’ Committee and the Republican Advisory Committee that will inform the members of the Presidium of the Workers’ State about their conclusions and proposals on the matter.

Helasia stops all diplomatic relations with the “Dominion of Vancouver Island”

The Presidium of the Workers’ State of Helasia announced that it terminates all diplomatic relations with the “Dominion of Vancouver Island”, due to its new political orientation.

Stefan Dor stated “we had to terminate our relations with the former VISSR, since its new government is reactionary.”

Dept. of Central Planning announces “II Monthly Plan”

Earlier today, the Department of Central Planing of the Directorate of Economy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Workers’ State of Helasia announced the continuation of the Monthly Plan of Socialist Construction (Μηνιαίο Πλάνο Σοσιαλιστικής Οικοδόμησης). The new Plan will begin in November 1st, 2020.

The goals of the Second Monthly Plan are described as the following:

  • Creating better living conditions for the Working People of Helasia
  • Establishing new institutions for the advocacy of the Workers’ Power
  • Legislative reforms towards a revolutionary direction
  • Partial Numismatic Legal Reform (on the value and design of the Banknotes of the Helasian Drachma).
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