Helasia recognizes Nassivassa through criticism

In a document released by the Workers’ Commissariat of External Affairs, the Workers’ State of Helasia announces it does recognize the Republic of Nassivassa as “a legitimate transformation of the VISSR”, while characterizing it as a “partially negative development” as -according to the press release- it shows that the specific state “has lost its revolutionary characteristics”.

When asked about it, the President of the Workers’ State, Stefan Dor, replied that “we have to cooperate even with those individuals we disagree with on some subjects”. The General Secretary of the Progressive Socialist Communist Front, Estejan Dor, called the Helasian people to support “a new socialist Realpolitik which will safeguard the existence and sovereignty of Helasia”.

The new Government of the WS of Helasia

The Republican Workers’ Committee announces the formation of the new government:
Stefan Dor

Johan Dejenov

Roza West

Estejan Dor

StefanVolgov is appointed as Supreme Judge of Popular Affairs.
Estejan Dor is elected as President of the RWC
Estejan Dor is appointed as head of the Diplomacy Service.


During the latest days, we watch with great sorrow a rise of radical conservative ideologies. Specifically, we watched the phenomenon of some parents treating their children in a patternalistic and autocratic way.

In Greece, in the era of “western values” parents are allowed, without any punishment, to propagandise un-natural behaviours on matters of food consumption. Meanwhile, these parents don’t allow their children to wear masks against COVID-19 in schools and public places.

The Workers’ State of Helasia has laws on these matters. And these exact laws will be set in effect. The people of Helasia, the people-based institutions of justice it posses, will inflict its justice, with respect to human rights. But, it has to be understood that this respect towards human rights, does not mean we will capitulate to the forces of eternal conservation and reaction.

For these reasons, the Presidium of the Workers’ State will issue new laws, and it will update its intelligence community, while the responsible judicial organs will convene to issue decissions on these behaviours.

We call all the allied micronations to adopt this position in all these critical matters, and help in the establishment of an intermicronational committee on these issues.



Dept. of Central Planning announces “Monthly Plan”

Earlier today, the Department of Central Planing of the Directorate of Economy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Workers’ State of Helasia announced the establishment of an economic plan called “Monthly Plan of Socialist Construction” (Μηνιαίο Πλάνο Σοσιαλιστικής Οικοδόμησης). The Plan will begin in September 1st, 2020.

The aims of the plan are: a) the increase of production in various sectors, b) improvement of the diplomatic relations with other states in Greece, c) development of the online classes in the Helasian Academy so they can be accessible by October 3rd, d) increase of the citizens.

Checks on the development of the Plan will take place on September 15th and on September 29th (when a final report will be published).

The Propaganda Motto for the Monthly Plan: “Comrade Worker Forward! Monthly Plan of Socialist Construction”.

Decree on the Electoral Law (Sept. 2020) signed and Published today

The President of the Workers’ State signed Governmental Decree 01/18082020 titled “ELECTORAL LAW FOR THE ELECTIONS OF SEPTEMBER 20th, 2020”.

According to the decree, the voters will choose 5 out of 10 candidates. The five with the most votes will be elected in the Republican Workers’ Committee (Legislative Period C’). Eight out of ten candidates are members of the Helasian Communist Workers’ Party, whilst the rest of them run as independent candidates. The candidates are:

  1. Estejan Dor (HCWP)
  2. Delaet Netejev (HCWP)
  3. Eljarkha Armaront (HCWP)
  4. Rosa West (HCWP)
  5. Maximillian Dernevet (HCWP)
  6. Johan Dejenov (HCWP)
  7. Kantov Frakerov (HCWP)
  8. Stefan Volgov (HCWP)
  9. Liza West (Independent)
  10. Ljanita Erustrova (Independent)

According to the same decree, the Republican Advisory Committee is established as an advisory organ.

Declaration of the Republican Advisory Committee and the Presidium of the Workers’ State on the 2 Years of Helasia

The Republican Advisory Committee and the Presidium of the Workers’ State, met today (August 17th 2020) in order to discuss about the future of our Workers’ State. These Organs decided the following:

-The WS Helasia is a workers’ country, with its sovereignty secured by allies with different and same political views.

-Despite some mistaken beliefs of the past, such as the ideals of the class-traitor D. Erustrov, after the IV Congress of HCWP we walk a path of constant development. The Book-publishing industry met a growth of 20%, whilst our best citizens receive higher Ideological Education in order to become the vanguard of the Working Class of Helasia.

-These reforms -such as the abolishment of the Erustrovist ideals etc-, form a post-revolutionary revolution, that does not act against the principles of the great revolution of August 16th 2018, but it corrects some mistakes and adds new pillars in the Socialist Development, pillars that did not exist back then, when Helasia was first formed. We shall not oversee (historically) that during the first months after the collapse of Estan (summer 2018), the priorities of Helasia were completely different: we had to create institutions so Helasia could exist. Today, though, these bases are set, a fact that allows us to revise some parts of the “surface” of our older policies, in order to achieve the establishment of the core of our ideas, like the Socialist Development in Helasia.

-Very soon, an Act will be published that will attune the laws of Helasia to the Political Decision of the IV Congress of HCWP, whilst the 1st Congress of the Progressive Social-Communist Front for the Workers’ State will be conducted once the lockdown measures are over.

-Within the next months, we advance towards new changes in order to fully protect the freedom of religion.

– The WS of Helasia is always looking towards the creation of strong alliances. For that reason, Helasia will come closer with states that recognize our independence, Helasia will make moves and acts of good will in order to fix the relations with other states, and last but not least it will consider its participation in various Organizations.

The Presidium of the Workers’ State dissolves the RWC

In a controversial move, the Presidium of the Workers’ State dissolved the Republican Workers’ Committee. From now on, until September 22nd 2020, the Presidium of the Workers’ State will have absolute legislative authority, whilst an Advisory organ, called “Republican Advisory Committee” will be established on August 1st, 2020 with the inauguration of its new members.

August 16th 2020: Helasia celebrates two Years of Existence


On August 16th 2020, the Workers’ State of Helasia will celebrate its two years of existence. Due to the CoViD-19 pandemic the government will not hold massive events (such as gatherings etc). Instead, there are some small events that will take place in the days 15-16-17 August.

The schedule:

Saturday, August 15 2020

10:00 am Stefan Dor will attend the Catholic Church of the Central Helasian Provinces.

12:00 pm Stefan Dor and the Minister of Internal Affairs will meet with the head of the Collective of Helasian Academy.

13:00 pm The president of the Republican Workers’ Committee will announce the creation of the Order of August, an award for every institution that has offered great service to the Workers’ State.

Sunday, August 16 2020

12:00 pm Stefan Dor will visit the Monument of Delaet Erustrov. From the monument he will deliver a speech about the two years of existence of Helasia.

12:30 pm Institutions will be awarded with the Order of August

17:00 pm Stefan Dor will deliver a speech in the “Collective of Justice” about the challenges Justice will face in the upcoming years, both in Helasia and internationally.

19:00 pm Speech of Stefan Dor in the Republican Workers’ Committee

Monday, August 17 2020

18:00 pm The President of the Workers’ State of Helasia will welcome 3 representatives of the Collective of Book Publishing and Printing Industry and he will discuss with them the importance of quality books in modern days. Later on they will issue a joint statement.

Stefan Dor in the IV Congress of the HCWP: “Socialism is established in our State. Now let’s protect it.”

These were the words of Stefan Dor, the new General Secretary of the Helasian Communist Workers’ Party.

These words of his marked a new beginning in the Workers’ State of Helasia, as the Congress approved the new Constitution of the Workers’ State. The changes do not stop there, though. Banknotes of the Helasian Drachma will get into circulation in June 26th, and in July 5th the use of Euro will stop. Also, Khersoland became a part of Helasia. Last but not least a youth wing of HCWP was created (the Helasian Communist Student Union – HCSU) and the Antigreen Socialist Front is disbanded, with the Progressive Social Communist Front for the Workers’ State taking its place.

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