Progressive Socialist Communist Front for the Workers’ State

August 20th 2020: Force named “победа” is established. Read the announcement below:

Title: Creation and Establishment of the force “победа”

The P.S.C.F. for the Workers’ State announces the creation and establishment of a new force, under the ideological guidance of the Progressive Socialist Communist Front for the Workers’ State. The action of this force will be in secret.

The force is called “победа” (meaning “victory” in Russian). Its name derives from the great antifascist victory of the Soviet people, under the leadership of J. Stalin – this is the reason the provisional administration of the Front decided to use a Russian word for its name. It consists of 10 citizens. Its purpose is the organization of the antifascist and antireactionary struggle in Helasia.

The flag of the force is based on the Victory Banner of May 9th, 1945. The banner of Victory over fascism, the banner that always reminds us that at the very end the people, the working class will win. But also, the banner that reminds us that the only way for great victories is through the lines of a strong Communist Party.

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